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10 entries.
Tom wrote on 30 November 2017:
I have stayed several times at Debbie's over the last few years, and it is a great place to base yourself while searching for jobs. Debbie & Franco are always keen to interact with their guests, and will help out wherever they can. There's always a good, and diverse, crowd of people to meet; from a wide variety of backgrounds and with differing levels of experience. With a lovely pool and an often competitive ping pong table, Debbie's is the place I always head to in Antibes!
Brian & Sue wrote on 29 August 2014:
Brian & I enjoyed our stay at the crew house recently. We were fortunate to be able to stay in one of the self catering cottages which provided privacy and separation and allowed us the the space to organize ourselves for a pending road trip around Italy. Debbie went out of her way to be very helpful with anything we required and all other crew were more than happy with the facilities and surroundings.
Louis wrote on 6 June 2014:
This is the best crew house i have ever stayed in. There are very good facilities, a very friendly atmosphere and Debbie and Franco are very welcoming, i will definately be staying here again. Many thanks. 🙂
Victoria Taylor wrote on 31 May 2014:
Debbie’s is a great place to stay! It truly is a home away from home where you meet new friends and have a little family away from home. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. Pizza parties are great and it is so nice to be able to hang out with your new friends around the pool with a few drinks or on the couch watching a movie; a great way to unwind after job hunting!! Debbie and Franco and their two children are very welcoming and lovely. Will definitely miss staying there. 🙂
Joe Smee wrote on 20 April 2014:
I would not stay anywhere else!!!
Scott wrote on 30 March 2014:
Debbie & Franco, where do I start! You have both been fantastic friends and as good as family to me. I came to stay at the crew house a few years ago and I am so happy I did. You have both helped, supported, advised and guided me. In this industry your help and advise has proven invaluable to my career. Above this I now consider you both very good personal friends, you both make me feel part of the family every time I see you. I eat with you all as a family, I have now met most of your family and good friends and I have enjoyed fantastic family moments with you, like Francos wonderful birthday. I speak to and advise Osca and enjoy watching him growing up and turning into a fine young man and very possibly a future star in international rugby. I will miss you very much while I am away working but I will be back to visit you both every opportunity I have and I think we will get to spend a lot of time together in a few years should our plans come to fruition. Thank you both for being the wonderful people you have been to me. My second mum & dad in France. Much love.
Lotte Doherty wrote on 25 March 2014:
An amazing place to stay whilst finding work on the boats. Debbie and Franco are both so welcoming and do everything they can to help you, you really feel like part of the family. Definitely a ‘home from home’ and sitting by the pool with a well deserved drink is the perfect way to unwind after a long day dock walking. Thank you both for all your help 🙂 x
Darren wrote on 25 March 2014:
Debbie’s Crew House Poem: Debbie’s Crew House is a fun place to stay, Everyone who comes is welcome and helped along the way. Bright and airy, full of cheer, the place feels like home, But even though we love it here we are all destined to roam. It’s a place to set you up and get you ready for work, Even novices like me get help to find that job, wherever it may lurk. So thanks to Debbie and her crew house by the sea. Comfy and communal we all feel alive and free, Ready for that job, that life of adventure on a boat! Everyone who comes here wants a career that is a float. Whether captain, engineer, deckhand, chef or stewardess. Her crew house and her experience will help you get the best, Or just meeting all the others, keen to further their career Understanding that she is there for you, to help and lend an ear. So lets celebrate Debbie, Franco and this place, Everyone who comes here leaves with a smile upon their face!! Thanks for everything Darren
Leanne Voerman wrote on 25 March 2014:
I am going to miss the people, the atmosphere, the pool, the Sunday barbeques, and that warm, comforting spirit I have felt the last 2 weeks living in Debbie’s Crew House (home is a better word!)… I will definitely be back again! Thank you Debbie and Franco for your hospitality, always willing to give advice to us newbies, and always willing to go the extra mile, literally (ie our free trip to Imperia to dockwalk!)… I will miss you all! xxxxxxxxx Everybody this is the place to be!!
Jamie O'Brien wrote on 25 March 2014:
Thank you Debbie and Franco for being a home away from home for me ! You were always so eager to please and you went out of your way to make sure I had a comfortable stay. The bunnies and your little dog fifi were an added bonus! Will miss sipping cocktails by the pool, sun tanning and playing ping pong with Oscar !:)